Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sand or Sugar: First Post

When it boils down to it, almost all of my work is made with either sand or sugar. The ceramics and glass I do are comprised of mostly silica (sand). There's magic at play: sand and mud and powders are transformed before my eyes into durable glossy items. Sugar, like glass, can be pulled into strings or hardened into sheets or even blown into bubbles. These two materials are so different and so similar. It's a beautiful thing.

So what exactly is it that I do, anyways? I describe myself as an "experience designer."  I believe that art should be experienced beyond something hung on a wall or displayed on a plinth. There is beauty in functionality and I create objects that are designed for interaction. You can see my finished portfolio at

I hope to give the gift of an immersive experience to the people who come to my events.  This allows them to experience emotions and activities not typically “allowed” for adults; child-like wonder, ultimate safety, excited discovery. I admire the uninhibited nature of children and hope to break some of the inhibitions adults carry through my curated experiences.

So what's this blog for? This is where I will document all of my in-process: test recipes, inspirational links, in-process pictures of my glass and ceramic work, information about my curated events, instructions on foraging wild foods, etc. This is my creative journey. I hope you're buckled in, because it's going to be one hell of a ride!

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