Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minion Wednesday 10/14/15: acorns and chanterelles

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We'll be shelling acorns and processing the nuts into flour. Processing acorns is tricky business because of the tannins present in these nuts, but when processed correctly they yield a delicious sweet and nutty flour. Come learn the proper way to do this and help me prepare a stock for future projects.


I'll be testing out a recipe for chanterelle creme brûlée. I made some chanterelle-infused cream and almond milk that I am excited to try out in a sweet application since chanterelles have such a delicate and lovely fruity/floral scent. These treats will contain egg and dairy, though I will also be making a smaller test batch that is dairy-free. If you will require a dairy-free treat, please let me know when you RSVP.


Just your smiling faces!

See you at 6:30 at my home in Eugene! I will send you the address when I get your RSVP.

EDIT: We had a great time! The chanterelle creme brûlée turned out wonderfully, see photos on the chanterelle post. We processed roughly 10 lbs of acorns to be turned into flour- nice work team!

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