Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Behind the Scenes

What's in YOUR pantry? 

A wonderful photographer (Athena Delene) came over the other day to take some behind-the-scenes photos of my food/art process. When I opened up my cupboard to show her my stash of wild-foraged ingredients, she let out a giggle and said "Dude, you're like a cross between a mad scientist and a professional squirrel." That may be the most accurate way anyone has ever described me. 

I've been working on menu planning for my Eat Dirt event on Feb. 12th and the fruits of my foraging labors are definitely starting to pay off. I'll be serving wild combinations like: hibiscus-lemon with wild rose and black sesame; venison with juniper, porcini, smoked salt, and olives; and chanterelle with chocolate and pine nuts (to name just a few.) 

Onesmile emoticon One of my biggest goals through my artwork is to get people to connect on a deeper level with our landscapes. One of my very favorite words is "Terroir" which, loosely translated, means "taste of place." Isn't it great to think that the misty forests and crashing waters that nourish our souls can also nourish our bodies? 

I'm really proud of my stash of wild-foraged ingredients, all gathered safely and sustainably by me. It's great to know each ingredient is tied to a specific memory- gathering elderflowers in the full moon climbing on the hood of my car, or methodically picking rose petals off thorny bushes on the first cold day off fall. It's even better to know that now I'll be able to share some of this bounty with the guests who attend EatDirt. Until the event, you can find me in the woods or in the kitchen, trying crazy new things and developing new projects. 

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