Wednesday, January 6, 2016

EAT DIRT: An interactive Art Project

Many of us have early memories of interactions with dirt: the silkiness of mud squishing between our toes, the grittiness of sand in our hair, the slightly metallic earthy taste of a mouthful of soil. Just as how where we were raised determines who we are, so does the soil a plant is grown in determine the flavor of the fruit.

Explore the part soil plays in the terroir of wine through a 5 course dining experience based on the concept of “eating dirt.”  Under sculptural light installations, you will dig through edible soil flavored with foraged nuts and mushrooms, crack open warm oven-baked clay to reveal roasted root vegetables, and experience the excitement of never quite knowing what you will unearth next. Each guest will leave with the experience of a delicious dinner with many interactive components and surprises, a better understanding of the local soils and how they influence the taste of wines accompanying the dinner, and a special treat to take home at the end of the night. Buy your tickets now for an experience you won’t soon forget benefiting the Portland Community Garden's Childrens' Program!

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I am super excited to be partnering with Authentique Wine Cellars to make this event happen. Nick is as passionate about his wines as I am about my art, so you can be sure that this is going to be a quality event with marvelous wine! (I know, because I've tasted plenty ;) )
I'm also excited to be donating some of our proceeds to the Youth Grow Program. It seems fitting that an event about playing in the dirt should give back to those who do it so well: kids. We'll be donating both tools and money to keep this program going and teach a new generation about where the joys of playing in the dirt can take you!
Here are the details:
Friday, February 12th
6:30-9:30 PM
at the Keeler Estates Vineyard Barrel Room, Amity, Oregon
Tickets are $150 
5 courses, plenty of wine, and some fun treats to take home 

The entire menu will be flavored with foraged foods harvested in the area, many of them on the vineyard grounds themselves. I've spent all fall testing recipes, processing wild foods, and preparing for this fun event.

I have also been working hard on the art part of it: making handmade stoneware plates to serve the food on, dyeing the napkins, and sculpting large art pieces to feature at it as well.

But perhaps the thing I am most excited about with this project is the element of surprise: I'm keeping many secrets about it until the night of the event. Some, Nick doesn't even know about! I seriously can't WAIT to see the excitement of discovery on grown adults' faces as they play in dirt and discover treasures- a nostalgic glimpse into the childhood days of un-inhibited joy.

I hope to see you there! Once again, you can RSVP by reserving your tickets at

Oh, P.S. clearly I couldn't decide which poster design I liked the best, so I'm using them all. What's your favorite?

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