Sunday, February 28, 2016

Early Morning In The Old Growth Forest (edible poetry)

The sun is a soft yellow orb, rising up through the stately trees. The colloidal mist scatters its rays in perfect sunbeams, highlighting gnarled stumps as if with a spotlight. It is at this magical barely-dawn hour that the birds are the most active, and I listen to their cacophony of sweet songs as I watch the last wisps of smoke from the previous evening's fire drift up amongst the ponderosa pines and disperse. I take a deep breath and the smoky, earthy, woodsy scent of dry bark and wild ginger and campfire fills my lungs. What a perfect day lies ahead of me in these magical woods. 
My take on the classic Milk Punch. Orb is "golden milk:" almond milk steeped with wild ginger, pink peppercorns, vanilla, and grated turmeric root then sweetened with raw local honey and frozen into a sphere. Served with pine nut- infused whiskey. The musky earthiness of turmeric works wonderfully with spicy wild ginger and the pine nut whiskey is the perfect finish to round out the flavors of a dry high mountain forest.

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