Sunday, February 28, 2016

Exposed By Snowmelt (edible poetry)

One of the most fascinating things about early spring is discovering the grotesque wonders hidden underneath a thawing blanket of snow. Spring reveals new life, but it also reveals death: the bones of a slaughtered deer, the cinders from campfires in fall hunting camps, the small bodies of rodents that couldn't take the cold. These forms are mesmerizing and beautiful: delicate bright purple violets growing up through a decaying ribcage or a soft layer of white mycelium that grew under the snow blanketing a fire-blackened rock. Life and Death: an everlasting circle with complex choreography. Death may seem like something to fear and dread, but without it we couldn't have life. For that I am grateful.


Elderflower meringues with white fir ash and rosemary blossoms. The bitterness of the rosemary and fir ash counteracts the sweetness of the crunchy meringues really nicely. 

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  1. So incredibly creative...I'm running out of new superlatives to describe you and your work.

    Cindy Marlow