Monday, February 15, 2016

Mushroom Truffles (from EatDirt)

Wild Mushroom Truffles with Edible Nut Soil. 
From L to R: porcini truffles with hazelnut malt soil, candy cap mushroom truffles with black cocoa and acorn flour soil, and chanterelle truffles with pine nut soil. These were the dessert course of my EatDirt event on Friday night. For those that missed it: it was a conceptual food/art event focusing on the theme of "Terroir" or "taste of place," with a special focus on dirt. I collaborated with Authentique Wine Cellars up in Amity to make this experience. The menu consisted of edible rocks and soils made out of foraged ingredients with a lot of interactive components. It's hard to explain, but I'll be posting lots more pictures of the event soon on this page, my website ( and my Facebook page if you are curious and want to know more! These dessert delights were presented in piles on top of wine barrels for people to dig through and nibble on, like looking for rocks in a pile of dirt. The second photo is the aftermath the next morning- tiny little garden tools, empty drink glasses, and memories of an amazing night!

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