Saturday, June 4, 2016

Raindrops on Roses, an Ode to Yellow Spiders (edible poetry)

What would it be like to live inside a Nootka rose? Snuggled into silky petals, fragrant and soothing... listening to rain plop on the petals outside but knowing you are safe and warm in your floral cocoon. After the rain, walking outside to discover a plethora of dazzling raindrop gems catching the light in a glimmering display. As I methodically gather these special petals I think about my own limited perspective and all of the life thrumming around me under a quiet blanket of gentle spring rain. Often when gathering roses I come across the most beautiful white and pale yellow spiders. I've only ever seen them hiding in roses. I like to imagine their stories as the Guardians of the Nootka Rose. I think that if one were to invite you in for tea on a rainy day, this is what he'd serve. 


 Wild rose curd tarts in an almond crust, garnished with finger lime. Such a sensual little treat- the filling is soft and velvety, and each little finger lime "caviar" bursts with a floral-citrus flavor in your mouth. Seductive and evocative of my meditative hours spent harvesting in the rain.

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