Thursday, December 8, 2016

Help me brainstorm new Patreon rewards!

As you may know, I've started funding the surprise free events I do through patreon. You can check out my creator page to see what I'm up to! 

A few people have expressed an interest in becoming a patron at a higher reward tier, and I'm trying to come up with the best goodies to offer them. I would love your feedback and ideas if you have a moment to give it some thought. What would you like to see offered? What would make you want to up your pledge amount? 

Here are some of my ideas: 
  • A spoon designed to match each event.  While it would be difficult to send patrons the relics from each event (see below), I could create a custom small piece of artwork to ship after each event as the start of a collection. One idea I had for this was to design a collectable spoon for each event. I would have a limit to the # of patrons accepted at that level so the artworks would be limited edition collectors items. Patrons who support me for a long time would eventually amass quite a collection! 
  • Monthly video chat with the artist. Once a month, I'd offer patrons at this level a chance to get in on the fun with an hour-long studio tour and some sneak peeks at works in process! 
  • Gift Packs with More Goodies: Right now, my highest level of gift pack includes a postcard about the event you helped to fund, a secret recipe sealed in a black envelope, and a cookie baked with the flavors I experimented with for the event. What if I made packs that included a few more items focusing on the current theme? For example, each pack could include those things already mentioned, plus 3 other surprise seasonal goodies relating to the event all made with foraged ingredients (examples include homemade incense, bath tea, bitters, tea blends, infused spirits, handmade scented candles, fine chocolates, syrups, salves, infused oils, etc.) They would be designed as a sensory treat inspired by nature, and all packaged up in mysterious and elegant black packaging. 
  • Quarterly consulation or conversation with the artist: Got a project you are working on and want some advice? Are you planning a party and want an idea to really make it memorable? Patrons at this higher level would get a 1 hour quarterly chat with me (1 on 1) to gather inspiration and ask questions. It would also be a way for me to get to know my patrons better and connect with all of you a little bit more! 
  • Digital Files for printing: For each event, I'd send you 1-5 high quality digital files of photographs from the event for you to print for your personal use. 
  • A .pdf book about the event in more detail (including recipes!): A digital file for you to download to read more about the event, the inspiration behind it, the culinary experiments that went into it, and last but not least some of the recipes from the event for you to try yourself! 
And here are ones that I thought of but might not work (in case you get the same ideas, since we all know great minds think alike ;) ) 
  • A chance to win a custom event, created just for you. As much as I love this idea, it goes against Patreon's rules for rewards. They have an anti-raffle policy to keep things fair and legal.
  • A relic from each event, designed specifically for that event. I liked the idea of doing this as well, but the pricing varies so much on all of the pieces I make it would be difficult to do this fairly. Plus sometimes I sell all of the artifacts from an experience as a complete set rather than individually. 
  • A party once a year for high level patrons. This one might still be do-able, but the logistics would be tough. For one, I would have to have a cut-off date each year so that patrons would have had to contribute for a certain # of months beforehand (because it wouldn't be fair for someone who'd only contributed $50 to get to attend when someone who's contributed $600 is next to them!) It would also have to be held in the PNW and patrons would pay their own travel and lodging. 
  • The seat of honor at an event. I *could* create a high level tier with only 1-3 available pledges and send invitations to those "mega patrons" for each event I am doing, but I worry that it would change the dynamics of the guests' interactions at my events. For example, if all of the other guests at the event are curious hikers that discovered their invitations in the woods, would it be weird for them to rub shoulders with someone who paid to be there? (Or at least have the chance to be there)? 
So, what do you think? Like I said I am open to ideas! Let me know if any of these stand out to you or if you have any new ideas to add to the board! 

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